This plan was created after conducting a customer satisfaction survey and analyzing demographic data about current patrons and non-patrons in our service area.  It became clear that in large part our current customers are very happy with our services.  It also turns out that non-users and users live in the same neighborhoods.  We did not find any geographic areas with a preponderance of non-users.  We think we have a marketing gap – not all potential users know about our services.

The plan focuses on the core values and goals expressed in our Mission and Vision statements.

  • Value our customers and strive to treat each person with respect.
  • Residents and visitors will frequently use the Library as a source of information, recreation, and education.
  • Children and teens are better prepared for success in life and school.
  • TPML is an inviting and friendly place to visit.
  • The Library provides a real place and a virtual space where minds expand and imaginations soar.

Over the last 17 years, the Board, staff, and volunteers have worked hard to build a financially stable Library that continues working to meet the needs of residents and visitors.  We know that in the next three years or shortly after there will be changes in staffing and in the Board.  One goal of this plan is to ensure that there is a firm foundation for the future of this Library District.