Reserve Library Materials Online

LOGGING IN: To Log-in to your account, click the “Catalog/my account” link in the upper left corner of the welcome screen.When the new screen opens enter your card number and the area code/phone number in the designated log in box on the top right.. If your account does not open, call the library for help (830-964-3744).

After logging in, search the catalog for the title you want to reserve. Click on the title of the item you want to reserve. A new screen will open and you will see a box at the top  that says “Reserve this item”. Click the reserve button. That is all you have to do.

When you are looking at your account you will see a list of all the items you have on reserve. If you are going on vacation or want to delay your reserve, go down the page to:

Going out of town? You can defer your reserves until you get back. Select each date you will be unable to receive reserved items. Your reservation will be deferred until you are available.