Study Rooms

Meeting Rooms

Study room reservations can now be made online. To do so, click on the “Reserve a Study Room” button at below and fill out the form.

Study rooms can be reserved for 1-3 people.

Study rooms are for not-for-profit use only.

If you do not arrive by 15 minutes after your reservation time, your reservation will be cancelled and you may not book again for the day.

There is a limit of 3 reservations per week per person, with a limit of 2 hours per day. You may continue to use the room in 15 minute increments after your reservation has ended if there is nobody waiting to use the room.

If you violate the study room policy, your study room privileges may be revoked.

Study Room Terms and Conditions

Meeting rooms may be reserved for groups of 4 or more.

The primary purpose of the Library meeting rooms is for programs sponsored by the Library.

The secondary purpose of the Library meeting rooms is to accommodate a wide variety of public programs that will bring people into the Library, encourage free access to issues and ideas, and meet the social needs of Not-For-Profit Organizations and the general community.

The Library Board of Trustees have adopted policies for the use of library spaces during regular business hours and during certain hours when the library is closed. There is never a fee for Not-For-Profit Organizations using the library during normal business hours.  Reservations are accepted up to 3 months in advance. For exceptions, please contact the library directly to be scheduled, otherwise, use the online reservation system.

Please read the meeting room policy before completing your reservation. Upon arrival, groups must pick up an attendance slip at the Help Desk and return it filled out after each meeting.

  1. Policy for Use During Regular Hours
  2. Policy for Use After Hours
  3. Fee Schedule

Why you should choose the library for your event.

February 1st through April 11th, 2020, the Preston Room capacity will be going down from 72 to 36 on Saturdays due to AARP tax aid. If you try to book for more than 36 for this time period, your booking will be denied.