Suggest Library Purchase


In person:

Ask at the Help desk for a “Patron Request Form”. The Library welcomes patron interest in the collection and will seriously consider all requests. Suggestions will be reviewed by a librarian against several factors, including appropriateness of the material for TPML’s collection and available funding. The Library is under no obligation to fill any particular request. Please check back with the library in a few weeks to learn the status of your request.

Online through our website;

LOGGING IN: To Log-in to your account, click the “Catalog/my account” link in the upper left corner of the welcome screen.When the new screen opens enter your card number and the area code/phone number in the designated log in box on the top right.. If your account does not open, call the library for help (830-964-3744).

When the screen opens up with your information, go down to the middle of the page.   You will see the following message:

 Is the library missing something? You can request that we purchase it or borrow it from another library (ILL).

You will be able to click on the word “request” and bring up a box where you enter. the author and title.  In the box for additional information please provide any other information that would be helpful.

  We will process your request immediately but cannot guarantee when the item might arrive.  You will be called or e-mailed when the item is ready to be picked up.