Computer and Tech Classes/Tutoring by demand

We will plan a class or tutoring session to fit your technology needs. If you have a group of people who would like instruction on a topic, let us know so that we can schedule a date. For individuals or couples, please sign up for one on one tech help or come ask for Jamie at the help desk. To schedule ahead of time, please call the library or email Jamie:

Appointments are by availability only, please bring any account IDs and passwords necessary.

Tech & Computer Help: Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops & Microsoft Office

Ask for Jamie at the Help Desk to sign up. You can also call to reserve your spot! When you come in for your tutoring, please bring your user IDs and passwords for E-mail and Apple accounts.

Tuesdays: 3:00 PM with Joe (Apple Only)

Thursdays: 11:30 AM, 1:00 PM with Debbie (Apple Certified, Tech/Hardware Savvy)

Fridays: 1:30 PM, 2:00 PM with Don (Apple Certified, Tech Savvy)

For more information, ask a staff member at the Help Desk, call the library and ask for Jamie (830.964.3744) or e-mail Jamie:

Online Lessons

To improve your technology skills from from MS Office to iPads/iPhones to Windows 10, we highly encourage you to use these free online resources: Learning Express Computer Skills (available to TPML cardholders) and