Wireless Printing

  • To access the link for Wireless Printing, click here.

Any document or webpage can be sent to the printer at TPML from all Internet connected devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

Printing can be done from inside the Library or from miles away.

After accessing the wireless printing link you will be able to choose black and white ($ .15) or color ($ . 50).

You will be asked to type in your last name. 

You then will  browse and upload the document to be printed and press the “next arrow” at the bottom of the screen.

You then can select which pages to print, how many copies, landscape or portrait, and if you want to print on both sides.

Now you are ready to select the green print icon.

Come to the Library within 48 hours and type your last name into the print release station.  After putting in the cost of the prints and selecting print, your copies will be printed.

There are several other ways to use this service.

Users of the PrinterOn service can also access thousands of PrinterOn public printing locations worldwide by using one of the printing apps available for smartphones and tablets.